Business Workshops

Our workshops run fortnightly on Friday mornings from 10 -12 and offer small business owners, freelancers and self employed individuals the opportunity to learn new skills from truly inspirational and experienced professionals. We cover just about anything you will need to know to help develop your business skills and gain knowledge to help your business reach it’s full potential.

Sales – for people who really don’t like selling.April 28th by Kim Mason – All Things New Biz

 In this workshop…

  • We’ll debunk the myths about what makes a great salesperson.
  • We’ll look at how you – business owner, founder or director – can use your own personality, attitude and passion to do the best job of selling.
  • Introverts often make the most powerful sales people, without even realising why. Learn why this can be the case and how to make the most of it.
  • Why it’s helping people, not selling to people, that really matters.


How to generate leads for your business using content marketing.12th May by Lisa Preston Amplify PR

Lisa Preston from Amplify PR explains what content marketing is and the benefits to using it, before picking out the best types of content for generating leads. She’ll cover how to structure your content ideas, what to do and how to deploy the content effectively to raise the profile of your business and attract more customer

Positive, powerful presentations in 5 easy steps  9th June by Dawn Gregory.

Do you want to be confident in giving presentations? Are worried about speaking in front of an audience but want to be that person standing speaking at the front of the room. Then attending this workshop is your next natural step..