Supporting Women

At The Workstead we are committed to helping women achieve and grow. By offering some benefits that we believe can help women fulfill their potential, utilise skills and develop meaningful careers which is of benefit to everyone including the local community and the economy.

We hold a monthly coworking day for women to encourage remote workers and self employed to get out and have a change of scene, mix with other people on a professional level and have some time to focus away from the distractions of home.

We offer a flexible parent package that aims to fit around other commitments for those who work at home for some reason.

For the last 3 years The Workstead has been running a wide range of workshops on core business skills, an informal and relaxed way to skill up, recognise transferable skills and create positive working relationships and networks. The next step is a series of workshops for Women returners.

The Workstead is also a member of a number of local Women networking groups, aiming to support business women locally.